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Luis Amoroso

Luis Amoroso

Meet Luis and his carrer

Sportsman, consultant and speaker

Competitive performance athlete since childhood, Sao Paulo Champion and Student Recordist, Luis Amoroso had in physical activities, specifically swimming, the inspiration that shaped his personal characteristics. It was from sport that he has become a professional focused on teamwork, loyalty and dedication, having as the main goal to compete and win. 

He initiated his professional activities in 1979 as a swimming teacher, while attending to architecture school. In 1982, founded his first gym. A pioneer in the implementation of aqua gymnastics (activity that would later become one of the world's trends in low-impact exercises) in Brazil, his first gym became a reference for the business of physical activity and at the format of the first franchise operational model. 

His unique methodology for teaching swimming, developed based on his experience as a high performance athlete, associated with entrepreneurial vision, constitutes a new model pedagogic/operational widespread and used in the market. 

The company has grown. With strategic, administrative and operational structures based on the development of services, systems and methods and with the outstanding leadership facing a team of over 150 employees, it was possible that, in 1998, a group possessed six units and 4.500 clients, becoming the 2º biggest brazilian group in aquatic physical activities.

The need to constant team training generated the search for new knowledge through participation in international events and the developing the ability to organize this information to transmit them to the team. That's how that the lecturer skills started to be developed.

With the incorporation of its first academies network by the main player in the market in 1999, Luis Amoroso became the superintendent director. In just a little bit over a year, the new network increased by 50% the number of units and achieved a 40% increase in the number of clients.

Luis Amoroso is a consultant in the fitness industry since 2001, he was elected the revelation consultant in 2002 by CMS International (USA) and ranks among the top 10% most seen profiles in 2012 in LinkedIn . In 2017 Luis Amoroso received the Career Award (3) in the XXIV Convenção Internacional de Atividade Física Manz (Lisbon), in recognition of the consistency and professionalism of the work carried out in Portugal since 2005, based on the excellent evaluations by the participants of the events organized by Manz Fitness.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, he performed speeches and courses national and international, based on South America, United States and Europe. As a consultant, developed national and international projects.

  • 84 National Speeches in 10 states
  • 45 International Speaches in 7 countries
  • 43 National Courses in 6 states
  • 36 International Courses in 09 countries
  • 68 National Projetcs in 15 states
  • 12 International Projects in 8 countries

Luis Amoroso is a Member of the GLG Research Counsil (United Stated), company that gathers groups of professionals and consultants world featured in numerous sectors, selected and invited by the same, who share their knowledge with individuals in leadership positions in the financial and commercial sectors.

As a reference and influencer of the market, Luis Amoroso published articles and contributed interviews to the main specialized medias in the market, national and international

  • 8 National Articles
  • 15 International Articles in 2 countries
  • 34 National Interviews & Collaborations
  • 13 International Interviews & Collaborations in 5 countries


  • Superintendent Director of Monday Academia (Sao Paulo), september/2001 to may/2018
  • Member of the Council Management Bonga Gym (Mexico), december/2014 to september/2016
  • Center Quality Director Runner Academia (Sao Paulo), january to july/2006
  • Partner and COO Bio Ritmo Morumbi Academia (São Paulo), november/1998 to july/2001
  • Partner and CEO Raia Quatro Academia (Sao Paulo), november/1982 to July/2001


  • Architect by Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo/SP - January/1983
  • University Extension Economic Engineering decisions between Alternatives promoted by Fundacao Carlos Alberto Vanzolini in association with the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo /SP - August/1986 

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